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It goes without saying that it is a world of social media. However, most of the consumers are not going to log in to their computer every second. They have iPad or cell phone to check whether they store and check their email and messages. Promotional SMS is quite beneficial for both small and large companies to get huge returns on investment and perform text advertising effectively in the market to attract your client base. This kind of promotion approach has been a great drive to your business. We are the best promotional SMS service provider in Chandigarh to help you in every moment.


Transactional SMS is the message which is sent to the customers to convey the desired information to use your service or product. It has gained huge presence in the short term. Transactional SMS has been used widely by a lot of companies for marketing and promotional purposes as well as other purposes. We have the user-friendly and majestic SMS gateway where you can just register the company and send transactional SMS without any hurdle. It has gained great prominence.


We are well versed in offering huge range of Application Programming Interface (APIs) so programmers can develop software to integrate with the customers. In some cases, you don’t have to do custom coding to use or configure APIs. Once we integrate the SMS APIs with the software, you don’t have to log in on your own. In addition, we will place the protocols to automate the process of sending SMS. We are the leading SMS API provider in Jaipur. So, we ensure you get the best in terms of quality and pricing


Voice is considered to be the best way to interact with the customers. It is not limited to language and it is more personal. Every phone call plays a vital role. With our voice call service, you can make a lasting and unique customer experience.  With us, you can build call flows which can connect people anytime anywhere across devices. With, you can ensure lowest latency and best voice call quality. Our APIs can easily integrate voice into your website or app and helps you to communicate simply.